Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, us, our’ refers to Fruit Case. ‘Website, site’ refer to web address of Fruit Case which is ‘You, your, customer, client, user’ refers to anyone visiting the website or placing an order by coming to our website or anyone to whom food, meal or any other consumable products have been delivered or are going to be delivered by us.

We respect your privacy at Fruit Case. We strive to keep your information highly confidential and we never knowingly pass your information to any other third party except when some of that information is required by financial institutions for payment processing on a regular basis without your specific approval. We are committed to keeping your information safe and strive to comply with requirements of law regarding confidentiality of customer information. We collect your personal information like name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card details, for the purpose of facilitating pre-authorized payment processing. We may also collect other information about you with help of cookies, etc, in order to upgrade our service. Cookies are small files which are formed inside the browser when you visit our website. You can always delete the cookies from your computer settings.

Fruit Case may take help of third parties like Google for purposes of marketing. Such parties may show our advertisements on various websites across the internet. We along with other such parties may take help of both first party cookies and third-party cookies together, to report your ad-impressions and your other activities related to ads in connection to your visits on those websites and our website.

Fruit Case strives to gather your information through lawful means. In case you fail to provide any of your information which is needed essentially for delivery purposes, then we will advise you of impact of such failure to provide information on your deliveries. Such failure may result in cessation of delivery scheduled for you. In case your information is employed for purposes other than delivery, like those related to business etc., you will be informed about such uses before utilizing your information. But any of your information in an accumulated demographic form may be used and shared with any third party for business or similar purposes without your consent. Examples of accumulated demographic uses are; percentage of our customers in a particular geographical region, percentage of customers buying particular item from us etc. It is your responsibility to inform us in a prompt manner regarding any changes in your information like, name, delivery address, pre-authorized or credit card information or any other information related to you.

Your information collected is protected through various procedural, physical and electronic safeguards. Only those employees will be allowed to come in contact with your information who are required to be in such contact in order to provide the services requested by you or who are required to come in contact as part of their job responsibilities. This privacy policy is disseminated to Fruit Case employees and the customers have approach to this privacy policy through the website. You may demand from us any personal information about you that we may have. Such request by you may be allowed or denied. Reasons behind denial may be any of the following, but not limited to, legal concerns, property or security concerns, cost associated with disclosing process or if such disclosure to you has the potential of violating other third party-right violations. We may advise you of the reasons behind denial upon receiving additional request from your side.

If you have any concerns, questions or complaints regarding privacy then they must be made in writing and send to our address mentioned on the website. The received questions, complaints and inquiries will be scrutinized and replied within 60-90 business days. In case we fail to resolve any complaint within 90 business days then you may choose to seek help from Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.