Delivery & Payment


Delivery and Payment Instructions

Delivery Day:- Monday and Tuesday

1. When will I receive my Fruit case?

We serve GTA on Monday and Tuesday’s . We will get back in touch with you regarding delivery date.

2. What time usually fruit case will be delivered?

We deliver fruit case in window of 9am to 2pm , however if you have special instructions please email us at We will deliver it accordingly.

3. Is there any delivery charges?

Fruit case does not charge a delivery fee.

4. How often you deliver?

We deliver fruit case weekly, twice a week or bi-weekly. You can choose delivery frequency according to your company needs. You can contact us at for additional details.

5. How can I change the size of my fruit case?

To make any changes in order size please email us two business days before so that we can accommodate changes in your upcoming order.

6. Can I request for some special seasonal fruits?

Yeah, sure you can email us at we will try our best to accommodate those fruits according to their availability.

7. What can I do with cardboard boxes?

Our cardboard boxes are fully recyclable, so you can put them in the office recycling. Or, if you leave them out for us, we’re more than happy to collect them the next time we deliver.

8. Any other queries?

Please email us your queries at , our sales team will respond you promptly.