What does fruit case deliver?

Fruit case delivers fresh fruit in Toronto, Mississauga from past few years. We have a selection of best and healthy fruits picked freshly.

What is Schedule for fruit deliveries?

We offer weekly, bi-weekly or twice a week deliveries for clients depend on customer choices or office staff size. Most of our clients are in weekly schedule with fruit deliveries on Monday’s Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. However, We are happy to work with you according to schedule that suits for you.

Is there any deadline for order changes?

Please contact us two business days before if you want to make any change in order so we can make sure that changes will be accommodated.

What will be in my Fruit case?

A typical Fruit case have 7 kind of fruits: Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Pears Kiwis, Grapes and seasonal fruit(depending on availability it could be Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, Mandrians etc). However, if you want anything extra then these fruits just email us at sales@thefruitcase.com , we will happy to accommodate it.

Where does you source your fruit?

We try to source produce from Local Ontario farms as much as we can. However due to seasonality and weather conditions we are unable to source everything from local farms, so we have the top suppliers from Ontario which source quality and fresh fruit for us.

How Long fruits Last?

Most of the fruits lasts for week if they are refrigerated under ideal temperature. We deliver the fruits which are about to ripe so that our clients can eat anytime throughout the week.


Delivery Day:- Monday and Tuesday

Is there any shipping Cost?

No, Shipping is always free for customers.

When will be my Fruit case arrive?

We make sure that every case is delivered before end of business day. However, if you have any special instructions for delivery please email us at sales@thefruitcase.com , We will try our best to accommodate it for you.

Do you deliver to homes?

Currently, we are not delivering to houses in GTA. But please contact us at sale@thefruitcase.com for more inquiries we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Can I resume my Order for specific period?

Absolutely, You can pause and resume your order anytime. Just email us two business days before so that we will make changes accordingly.

Do you accept Master cards, Visa Cards?

Yes, we do accept Master & Visa Cards.